Bookaroo in the City – November 22, 2010

I had a lovely visit today to Pathways School. Everyone made me feel very welcome, and the children responded with enthusiasm to my questions. They impressed me with their various ambitions, ranging from writer, which of course I approved of, through artist, pilot, and astronaut. One person even harbours the ambition to become the President of India one day. Well someone has to do the job, why not him? Full marks to the friendly and ambitious children of the Pathways School. Thank you all, teachers and pupils, for making my visit so enjoyable.

By: Cindy Jefferies



This is Cindy Jefferies, blogging from Jo Williams house in Delhi. I am so excited to be in India for the very first time, and was very interested to attend one of the Bookaroo meetings. We were at the venue to see all the places to hold events, and I was particularly pleased to see where I would be giving my talk…Why Fame School?

I will also be involved with one of the craft activities, and the spot the committee has chosen for that is excellent. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at Bookaroo, so if I don’t say hello please do come and introduce yourself. I’ll be pleased to meet you!

By: Cindy Jefferies