Whatever happened… rain, board exams, a sneezing fit… I wasn’t going to miss Jeeva Raghunath and her fabulous stories. I just had to go on a lion hunt with her again. So 10.30 sharp, at the Atrium, the hall and balconies were buzzing with junior school kids. Then Jeeva strutted up to do her stuff, making them shout and sing, sway and wave. And who was that behind her playing weird riffs on his guitar? It was the long haired lead singer of the band Prithvi, Arjun Kaul.

At my Mughal Magic session at the Workshop I told stories about Mughals to class five; all about Jahangir and the Shalimar Gardens, the Taj Mahal and the Kohinoor, biryani and kababs. Then the kids plotted how to escape from a Mughal fortress and somehow, don’t ask me how, a vampire got into the act. Actually, he wasn’t really a scary bloodsucker because somehow his trousers fell off!

Next I had a problem. There were 7 venues with 28 events. Oooof! What do I do? How do I cover everything? Then help was here! My merry band of bloggers out there, watching and listening, scribbling and snapping… led by the Super Blogger herself – Madeeha Ma’am!

To the Doodle Wall next where Bulbul Sharma, Atanu Roy and Tapas Guha had hundreds of kids sketching and colouring as the volunteers sat furiously sharpening a mountain of pencils. At the Crafty Corner, Sachin Sebastian had kids folding and cutting paper to make them pop up and turn into flowers and birds like magic! Then I zipped into the Stadium where the audience was mesmerised by the play ‘Asi Te Karave Eid’ with school kids as actors.

At the Atrium Arjun was tuning his guitar in his usual Goth look, all in black, eyes hidden behind dark, sinister shades. He started with his head banging stuff and then suddenly broke into a Kashmiri ballad and brought the house down. This dude was cool but I have to admit the school band and their lead singers stole the show! They had everyone rocking to their tunes, singing and dancing along. I never knew Muhammad Rafi’s ‘Badan pe sitare’ could sound so fabulous to drum beats and a moaning guitar. An hour later as I tottered away, the Atrium was still at jamming mode, with lots of yelling and defiant fists in the air. Way to go guys!