On Sunday the kids came with their parents and so it was a bit quieter. And I decided to float from venue to venue getting a taste of all that was happening. Valentina Trivedi’s hand puppets had kids giggling and Ramendra Kumar’s Paploo was winning new friends. Sandhya Rao at the Doodle Wall had everyone’s thumbs turn into the colours of the rainbow and the Campfire Team had kids drawing comics. Meanwhile there were Jerry Pinto and Prayag Shukla rhyming away.

If Deepa Agarwal’s Lippo the hippo went to a birthday party, Anushka Ravishankar’s fishy tale got fishy, stinky and such fun. Pratap Pandey had word games, Suraya Rasool a smart sparrow and Parnab Mukherjee went to the post office. After a while my head was buzzing so hard I had to sit down and have an ice cream. Bookaroo can have this dizzy effect some time.

Then late at night the two Dastangoi, Ranapratap Sengar and Usmaan Sheikh, had a surprise for the Bookaroo Team. A special show of the adventures of Amir Hamza and we all laughed so much all our tiredness fled away.