The Pavillion | Shamini Flint

The session was alive with anecdotes and an enthusiastic interaction with the children. Shamini Flint kept them active and guessing. She shared her experiences from Singapore and discussed the reasons she likes to write. It was a very interesting session on the whole.

The Amphitheatre | Adeline Foo

Adeline Foo is an acclaimed writer from Singapore. She talked about writing books for her son and how he loves reading books. Her book, The Diary of Amos Lee was inspired by The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She called up kids upon the stage and had them read from the book, before she started the narration herself. There was an illustrated presentation and a question-answer round at the end.

The Studio | Adithi and Chatura Rao

Adithi and Chatura Rao began the session with explaining the map of Pandupur; the heart of their story. They both engaged the audience with the ‘Dhun song’ that the river of Pandupur gave them. The parents were as enthusiastic as the children. Each participant was rapt with attention as the sisters continued with their unique and interesting story telling.

The Pavilion | Prayag Shukla

The session by Prayag Shukla started with two of the students reciting one of his poems that features in their coursework as well. He kept them merrily singing a myriad of poems that spoke of sweet dishes and elephants. There was undoubting enthusiasm among the kids as more and more flocked towards the prolific poet.

The Amphitheatre| Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore

Steve and Steve left no stone unturned to entertain the audience as well as they did yesterday. The session was alive with role play that made use of a lot of different costume hats. The kids took turns being super heroes, Vikings, space men and gladiators as they made their way through the stories in the books. There was a large audience and everybody participated heartily

The Pavillion| John Dougherty

John Dougherty is an Irish poet, singer and writer who uses humor to make children happy all around the world. His session had the children grasping the benefits of reading. He narrated his experiences with books and talked about the 3 books he has written about the Greek God Zeus. He impressed the audience with animated interaction while informing them about the process of writing a story.

The Amphitheatre| Gregory Hughes

Gregory Hughes guesses that every author wants their book to be made into a movie and hence, this session was about scriptwriting and its main components. A volunteer was called upon stage and made to experiment with the same. He then distributed an extract from his book and commenced the story narration.

The Studio| Samhita Arni

Samhita Arni talked about her portrayal of Sita in her graphic novel. She explores the feminist issues underlying the Ramayana. The Tamil version of the Ramayana was discussed as well and she pointed out the different themes that make up the essence of Ramayana. The kids were very vocal about their views and loved interacting with the author.

The Amphitheatre | Arjun Kaul

Arjun Kaul is the vocalist and guitarist of the band Prithvi. He interwove music and stories and played music that the children enjoyed immensely. He educated them about different characters from history and folktales. The audience also had a glimpse of his original work as he played a song from his album.

The Studio| Jeeva Raghunath

Jeeva never fails to delight with her amazing style of storytelling. The kids were having a lot of fun as she took them on an adventure with the birds and the mango tree. Her animated and expressive stories kept everybody captivated. The audience was full of her fans and the session was absolutely full.

The Pavillion| Campfire

Campfire organized a puppet show called Puppet Pandemonium. It was an interesting interactive session that had the kids involved with the hand puppets that narrated the stories. The kids enjoyed the different voice over’s as the happy parents looked on.

The Amphitheatre | Jeeva Raghunath

Jeeva Raghunath is a master storyteller with a myriad of voices that brings alive her stories, to the absolute delight of the kids. She started her session with a Tamil song and soon had the audience singing along. The children and parents alike, were completely engrossed in the onomatopoeic  narration of the story of the mountain and the bird.

The Amphitheatre | Marina Bollain

Marina is a Spanish actress and singer who recounts stories through songs. The session was alive with her beautiful voice and the accompanying strings. She narrated the story in song form and used umbrellas as props. The audience was enchanted by her exquisite and delicate manner as more and more people were drawn to her session.

The Studio| Shamini Flint

Shamini is a prolific writer and an equally good speaker. Her session with the children was about how she started to write. Her experiences included stories about her daughter and sons and the car she gave up for her baby. The children were engrossed in her tales and contributed heartily to the discussion.

The Pavilion | Adeline Foo

Adeline Foo hails from Singapore and in this session, she talked about her experiences that led her to writing the Diary of Amos Lee. She had an interactive session with the children where she answered their eager questions about the characters in the book. The audience was very impressed with the session.

— Supreet