Day Six of the Hindustan Times-Bookaroo in the City programme was held at Bharti Public School in Mayur Vihar, Phase III and was supported by the Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT).

All set to roll

The kids from the school had the fortune of meeting Chief Justice Leila Seth and have her talk to them about the Constitution of India and the Preamble. She was the first woman to top the Bar examinations in England and the first woman to be Chief Justice of an Indian High Court “Stories are the best way of learning,” said Ms Seth and she engaged them with her an interactive session with poems and questions on the constitution. Through her session, she tried to familiarise the children with the ideas of Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity that are the thrust of the Preamble and the Basis of the Constitution.

She began by asking the children if they knew what Justice meant and continued to explain the rather complex idea using the parable of the flute that Amartya Sen uses in his book, The Idea of Justice. In the parable, three children are vying for one flute. One child wants it because she has made it, one child wants it because she can play it well and one child wants it because she has no toys. When asked who deserves the flute, there was an overwhelming response from the kids for the child who had no toys at all. It was very heartening to see their noble enthusiasm.

Ms Seth also went on to tell the children how her little grand daughter had also supported the same child and when asked why, came up with a reason that is nothing less than mature. She reasoned that the child who made it can make another flute and the child who can play it well must already have one. Thus, the child without any toys deserved the flute. This was followed by more such illustrations.

In full session

Ms Seth continued to chat with the children, who asked her various other questions as well. When asked how she became a judge, she told the kids that she had wanted to become a teacher but got into law because she had enough time on her hands when she was living in London with her husband. Her love for kids, learning and teaching was evident from her session and the reason behind her authoring We, The Children of India.

The session was an immensely interesting one for the kids as well as me and I am sure they enjoyed it as much I did.

Bookaroo in the City is co-sponsored by HT You Read They Learn.

By Prakriti Mukerjee