Day Three of Hindustan Times-Bookaroo in the City, supported by the Sir Ratan Tata Trust saw the first double bill session of the season. Two back-to-back sessions with Aabid Surti at MCD Malviya Nagar and Aarohan brought the watching children to their feet more than once. By the time he was half-way through, there was a general bonhomie in the room that had to be seen to be believed. The children too got up and joined Aabid to tell stories.

Audience participation!

He started off with a storytelling session with the young girls of MCD School, Malviya Nagar. He encouraged them to tell stories and made them understand the moral behind every story. Later on, he himself told stories to the girls, one of which was the story of a mouse with seven tails. Excitement and creativity set the atmosphere for the morning. He wanted students to understand that they should think before taking action and also never listen to those people who only talk ‘rubbish’. The girls participated enthusiastically.

The second part of the session took place with the students of Aarohan in which Aabid talked about water stories. He went on to tell them how precious a resource water is and what we can do to save water. One doesn’t always need top-class facilities to do some good. All one needs is the will to fulfill one’s aim. And one always does not need to think global. Thinking local, at times, is a big help.

Making the point about water

Charity begins at home. Likewise, one should start saving water at home first before taking on the world. All that is needed is to be ensured is that no tap is leaking in the house. The basic aim behind this thinking is that one may not be able to save the Ganga, but one can easily save a drop of water from a river. According to Aabid, if you decide something and want to fulfill it then the whole universe helps out.

By Abhilasha Yadav