Forty children of Nigam Pratibha School Chattarpur, between the ages of 7 and 9, were eagerly awaiting the exciting session, ABCDeira, an alphabet extravaganza.



The session started at 11 am with an introduction to Ajanta Guhathkurta Das. She interacted for 5 minutes with children putting them at ease by talking about art and creativity. Then she started to show how anyone can make a drawing of anything with the help of any letter. 
She had a great way of presenting her skills. She had brought along paper aeroplanes with the name of animals, birds and non-living things written over it. Even the teachers found it very interesting and joined in enthusiastically. At 12.15 the children, after enjoying so much, thanked Ajanta for the session.

She signed her book and presented it to the school as a gift. She in turn was presented with a BIC gift as a thank you.

By Sahil Kapoor