Suvidha Mistry took her session in to two locations back to back entertaining 160 children in total. These were at Learning Inq, Seemapuri and Kardampuri.

As Suvidha entered, it could be easily seen how excited those children were. They seemed to be fascinated with all the equipment we were carrying. Suvidha told them more about her profession as an illustrator and what they were going to do. She asked children about the different shapes that they know and if they could figure out some in the classroom itself. Children were eager to respond to her questions.

She drew different shapes on a board and made a completely different figure out of it. Each time she made a new figure, children started clapping loudly to show their amazement. She drew a circle and a rectangle and made a cat, a lion and a caterpillar out of it. Different coloured sheets were provided to children. They were encouraged to cut out different shapes and make an interesting figure out of them. The smiling faces and the twinkling eyes showed how happy they were to join in this activity. It was a new and a very different experience for such children and of course me!

By Chitra Bangari