Day one of the month-long summer festival, Kitabein Kuch Kehti Hain, got off to a cracking start with a mystery story set in the past.

Today, at the spacious hall of the Delhi Public Library (DPL) in Sarojini Nagar, nearly 70 children between the ages 8 and 10 who came for the session experienced an absolute delightful story. The author kept the surprise alive in his story, Aurangzeb ki Angoothi, right till the end.

Abhijit Sinha gets going

Abhijit Sinha gets going

The story took us through the visual imageries of the old Chandni Chowk where the principal characters get lost in the alleys of Ballimaran, Kinari Bazaar and so on. Delicacies like a glass of Sherbet for 1 paise, Parathas from the Parathe Wale Gali and the mouth watering Jalebis were an integral part of the thrilling tale.

Who knew that a small piece of paper that the young protagonists of the story accidentally found in one of the halls of the Delhi Public Library – where children were not permitted officially – would lead them to a beautiful dazzling ring (with a blue aura around it)? All they had to do was to look closely at the image of the Ghanta Ghar and the number 14 written beside it – that was Aurangzeb’s Angoothi (ring).

The children loved the interactive moments between the story-telling, which not only allowed them to talk about their personal experiences in Chandni Chowk but also speculate about the possible turn of events.

Historic places like Lal Qila, Jama Masjid and Fatehpuri Masjid were interestingly weaved into the mystery based on a popular tongue twister or phrase, Chandu ki Chacha ne Chandu ki Chachi ko Chaandi ki Chamche se…

The distinctiveness of the main characters Alu, Kachalu and Mary further added to the storyline. Alu being the curious, cautious and the intelligent one rightfully emerged as the hero of the story. Not to forget Kachalu who proved to be his right hand throughout. It was only Mary who was the occasional troublemaker but she too was an important accomplice to trap the dangerous looking men.

By Sebanti Chatterjee

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