Today’s workshop with Indu Harikumar was the perfect joy-ride that the children had been looking forward to begin the scorching month of June with. Imagination can work wonders. And the children were happy to transform themselves into little artists working with mix-media.


It is not so difficult, is it?

Indu first asked the kids to form small circles randomly. Then she took a beautiful pink flower (dried), stuck it on a blank paper with fevicol after which she worked on it with coloured sketch pens. Within five minutes, we had an adorable doll right in front of us. The task was well demonstrated – all that the children had to do, was to put together their favorite impressions on the paper. They had scissors, gluestick, dried leaves and flowers, sketch pens and papers as their creative tools.

Indu even showed them few of her completed artworks, where she had made owls, fish and birds with similar tools. Children soon got into their artistic zones and produced marvellous creatures and objects. There was a generous exchange of art-ideas amongst the young ones.

There were fishes of different sizes, narrow, wide, big and small. There was a rocket, a Ganesha, boats both with and without masts, butterflies of varied colours and patterns, rats, bunnies, peacocks, crabs, spiders, trees of different kinds, bushy-leafy as well as spaced-out, kites, man, lotus, lion, and an elephant which occasionally resembled a dinosaur or giraffe if not examined closely.

The eager session ended with a small video especially prepared by Indu to stimulate the young minds further. It was a display of few of her other works that she had illustrated using creative tools like pizza cartons, other cartons, fabrics of different kinds and many other recyclable tools.

The children await yet another exciting session tomorrow with Indu!

By Sebanti Chatterjee

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