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The second day of Bookaroo In the City 2014 lived up to expectations as the well known illustrator Sonali Biswas visited Protsahan School, an NGO run for underprivileged children near East Uttam Nagar. When the author Sonali arrived the children were busy meditating, one of their daily activities. Once meditation was over it was time for some amazing story telling. Every child was interested and really listening to the story that Sonali was reading from one of her books. The story revolved around birds and how good they were making their nests. Afterwards it was time for the children to put themselves in Sonali’s shoes and see things from an illustrator’s point of view. Sonali passed sheets, pencils and colours to everyone to draw anything they could think of after listening to her story. All the children put a lot of effort into their art and produced such good drawings that Sonali couldn’t stop praising them all. It was an enjoyable ride with Sonali for the children and they will cherish this experience for a long time.
Amit Sharma