IMG-20141112-WA0034 IMG-20141112-WA0035 One hundred and fifty children aged 6-7 at the Shiv Nadar School, Noida enjoyed a fabulous session by the storyteller Rituparna Ghosh. The Peacock’s Tale is a story about the peacock who changed from being the leader of the birds in the jungle to a vain bird who was so proud of his feathers that he refused to dance. Rituparna created the voices of many different birds and the children laughed so much to hear the sound of a crow, an owl, a parrot and the peacock. They also joined in with the sounds and shouted out suggestions for many other birds for Rituparna to create. One child asked if a peacock is male or female and many of the children disagreed to the answer for this question.There was also a quiz session and the children were very excited to give their answers.The teachers were obviously enjoying the interaction as much as the children with much laughter. Rituparna Ghosh provided an excellent session and was very pleased with the interaction with all present. Kanika Sulani