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On the second day of BiC, students of The Heritage School, Rohini were taken on a flight of imagination by illustrator Vandana Bist at the beautiful amphitheatre and open air gallery of the Triveni Kala Sangam. Vandana started off by asking the kids to go through the illustrations that were on display in the open air gallery as a part of the Bookart exhibition. The children readily lined up to have a look at the illustrations. What followed was a quick brain storming session where Vandana threw questions at the children about what sets apart any other painting from an illustration? Up went the hands! After a few rounds of interesting answers and questions, the children were handed out two poems, to read out loud . But what to do with a poem in an art session? But those weren’t  any regular poems. One was about a cat and there was boy who wished for wings. Some found it wacky, some found it absurd but soon each had their own take on the poem. Vandana readily picked up the ideas and tickled them to draw some sillier pictures. Spreading out their drawing sheets on the sun-swept green amphitheatre area, the children grabbed their colours and spontaneously began to sketch from their imaginations. Some came up with a flying cat while some drew a boy who eventually becomes a butterfly. It was absurdity at its creative best as Vandana joyously remarked while glancing through the drawing sheets. While some girls and boys were more engrossed in drawing, some came up to seek some quick tips from the illustrator herself. As the one hour session came to a close, Vandana also touched upon some ABC rules of illustration which the children listened to with rapt attention. Then Vandana introduced the world of illustration to the children and kept them hooked. Imagination has no limits was the creed of the day. As Vandana signed off she urged the children to think out of the box and draw what they want.

Ritwika Misra