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This was the BIC visit on Monday 17th of November to the Tagore International School with the Storyteller Sister Jean Slocombe from Canada. We were welcomed by the teacher of 3rd grade in this huge school of more than 2000 students. Puppetales was watched by more than 170 students aged 8 and 9 in two sessions. Sister Jean performed in a small auditorium and the puppet show was followed by a very attentive and reactive assembly. Sister Jean explained first to the children that she loved stories from a very early age when her father was the teller and that now she often performs for her 17 grandchildren. She use story books from all over the world and told the children that she hopes to use some stories of India in future performances. There was a lot of positive interaction when Sister Jean performed the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin and she finished the story with the promise that the only rescued rat would change his home town from Hamelin to Delhi. The children were laughing a lot when Sister Jean began the story of Punch and Judy performed with old puppets from England telling the story of a bad father punished by a crocodile. Both children and teachers passed a very good and unforgettable moment with this talented Storylady and made the wish to have some more performances like this.

Thérèse Bogdan Duveiller