That’s a wave, no that’s a snake!

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Illustrator Jitendra Thakur took the children of Savera for a ride through their imagination. Twenty two students of Savera gathered in the sunny greens of the amphitheatre of Triveni Art Gallery. After taking them through the illustrations displayed in the ongoing exhibition Jitendra quizzed them about what they saw in those pictures. The kids rapidly came up with their answers. Some simply said there were pictures, while others spoke about the content like a bear, or a man with moustache. Think hard! Jitendra pushed them to pick out what they could see beyond those images and they soon started to chip in with their ideas. The children stooped over their white pages and rapidly came up with a variety of shapes and line. Following them Jitendra drew some common shapes and asked the children to say what all it meant. After a bit of brain storming and imagination the straight line became a stick, the parallel lines stood for railway tracks. Imagination was running high as one of the youngest girls said the triangle reminded her of samosas! Once the kids hopped on this trail of imagination, they were unstoppable. The seemingly ordinary shapes and lines readily came into life. One went up to the easel and drew a rose out of a spiral circle. Jitendra then became a storyteller. Piecing together the pictures drawn by the children, he built up a funny story. Joining together the different images, the children came up with stranger, weirder and wackier stories. Jitendra showed the children not only illustration but true creativity.

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 Ritwika Misra