vandana german school 3

It was just about 11 30 when the kids from the German School accompanied by four teachers arrived at Triveni Kala Sangam. The open air gallery was set with easel and all the stationeries for the art attack that was about to begin. As soon as the bunch of thirty three kids settled themselves Vandana took charge.The children listened to Vandana intently as she explained what the session was all about. It was time to patch up and stick up, remarked Vandana as she pulled out two vibrant works of mosaic before the children. The kids’ faces lit up brightly as Vandana explained the process to them with help of the teachers. Out came the glues and the colourful papers as the kids lined up to select the template. Jostling through their own friends, the kids tried to have a pick of their favourite template. While some picked up the turtle, the bumble bee, the lady bird; the butterfly and bird were quite a favourite. As one of the little girls asked for a butterfly template, Vandana sportingly came up with a big fluttery butterfly for her. With their templates in place the kids were eager to get their hands dirty now. Vandana keenly instructed then how to fill in with the coloured paper and bring out the magic of mosaic on paper. With little trays filled with colourful strips of paper the session was a happy and colourful place. The kids sitting out in circles of five to six with little fingers dripped in glue went busy to pick their favourite colour and stick it up. It was a riot of colours on paper. With butterflies fluttering their vibrant wings, turtles walking away with multicoloured shells and trees laden with purple and pink leaves, the session ended on a beautiful note. There was only one rule for the children, colour it up as you wish.

vandana german school vandana german school.JPG1  Ritwika Misra