Bookaroo in the City today went to Bharti Public School, Mayur Vihar. The school gave the a very warm welcome to Devika Rangachari, an award-winning children’s writer who likes to travel back in time to explore the past but can sometimes be persuaded to return to the present day, especially if there is the offer of chocolate. 140 to 150 of Xth Class were present to interact with Devika on the most interesting topics like why there is no mention of any women in power in the history textbooks, the history of early Kashmir & many more. The students were highly engaged in her session and very responsive. It seems that they were enjoying history with her. Devika kept students and their teachers  engaged in the story of Didda who was lame and just a girl in the time when females were not allowed to rule or have any power. Would Didda overcome her difficulties? And what would we all do in the circumstances? Today was a great experience for everyone and a lot of fun.


Pallavi Saxena