photoXCB22DQFThe staff and pupils of Pathways Balliawas gave a generous welcome to Wendy Cooling who was there to take us all on a very special journey from Aesop to Rowling. Beginning with her name and the disappointment of finding out that it was made up by J M Barrie for the story of Peter Pan, compared to her two sisters whose names meant beautiful and a gift from God, Wendy grabbed the attention of the students and made them laugh. They were all very eager to share which books they were currently reading. Wendy shared what might have been a first book for them and showed the importance of enjoying stories and the voice of the storyteller long before understanding the words. They listened intently as Wendy read from a picture book, Ernest and there followed a discussion of what could be learnt from it even if at first it seemed a little bit young for them. The journey took us from Greek legends to Indian mythology and the retellings in all forms. The children knew the fables of Aesop and enjoyed the rap version of The Fox and The Crow.  Travelling through Shakespeare and Dickens, ghosts and ghouls, Geraldine McCaughrean’s retelling of Pandora through to Harry Potter a very happy hour was spent by all.

Wendy Knight