Wendy C 1

Three hundred girls, Convent of Jesus and Mary students, from grades 6 and 7 were eagerly awaiting a very special visit by Wendy Cooling. They were sitting quietly on the floor in a big meeting room ready for Wendy to begin her talk.

She talked about the importance of knowing where words and names come from and the importance of stories. She then read an African proverb: “When an old person dies it is as if a whole library has gone up in flames”.

She explained that the way a story is read can make it more modern and she showed an example with a fable of Aesop,The Fox and the Crow, performed as a rap. Everybody laughed and enjoyed it and Wendy explained that the words and the stories endure even though the style changes.

Telling them that each story has a message, Wendy read a bit of a Greek myth and then an Indian one, The King with Dirty Feet.

Wendy was quietly impressed when she talked about Shakespeare and Dickens. It was clear that the girls had been reading them too. The session ended with an Isaac Asimov science fiction story, The Fun They Had, written in the 1950’s and telling of a future of mechanical teachers. It is clear that it is much more fun going to a school with others in a real school.

The girls cheerfully thanked Wendy and several were excited at the idea of coming to the Bookaroo Festival.

Thérèse Bogdan Duveiller