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Doubling the numbers and widening the age range of lively children for a sleuthing session at the DPS International School, Pushp Vihar did not throw Archit Taneja off his stride. He had the children laughing at his hilarious doodles, shouting out their observations and hiding shyly when asked who still took a nap with a teddy bear. There was a lot of technical stuff about imaginary ducks and watery ones, brick ducks too and which would be heaviest. How many helium balloons would be needed to lift a man? Are some illustrations really possible or are they just fantasy? Of course, if we’ve seen it in a film, then it must be possible for a house to be carried by balloons. Before they knew it, the children had become super sleuths working out who was dognapping the family pets. They zoomed in on paw prints and tyre tracks and all agreed that the garbage man looked like the dodgiest character UNTIL… well, if yours was the last pet in the neighbourhood, you would certainly stay awake and try to catch the villain at work, however scary that might be! Further clues lead to the obvious scoundrel. A dog whistle! It was NOT the garbage man after all.

Important facts learnt today: Brain juice is not necessarily green nor taken through a straw and you can be a super sleuth without it. Number two: Imaginary ducks take a bath with your imaginary friends. Number three: Archit Taneja is very clever and funny.

Wendy Knight