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I had groggily awoken earlier on the morning of the 30th November. I was about to snuggle back when I remembered; it was B-Day! B-as-in-Bookaroo-Day! The weekend we wait for all year! And man, did I fast-forward after that!

In no time, we had reached the venue, IGNCA and were running in for the first session with Arunava Sinha. He was really good! We read a story by Satyajit Ray, and wrote a movie script that would’ve had Hollywood queueing up at our doors!

We then attended this simply hilarious session with Archit Taneja. We pondered over a couple of absolutely ka-ray-zee mysteries and tried to unscramble them through wonkily weird means. As Archit said – Super sleuths don’t play by the rules!

Afterwards, I went wild with Vivek Menon. It was extremely intriguing listening to facts about the wild. Next, I attended the session The Misfits with Anita Roy. I felt really good after it, since I sometimes feel a bit like one myself due to my facial muscular issue and slightly nerdy nature! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Meanwhile, my sister was at The Stage, and was attending a session led by Judy Balan. Since she was the chattiest out of the lot, and put up the most points about the grownups in our life, she was gifted with a signed copy of Judy’s first children’s book; “How to Stop your Grown Up from making Bad Decisions”. Trust her!

Our last session though, was the highlight! We were one step from seeing Stephen Hawkins! Yup, we saw his daughter, Lucy Hawking!! The Lucy Hawking. Up In person she was there!!! It was a packed show, and even the parents were excited about it. She shared some interesting Stephen Hawking theories, and I got the third book of her George and Annie series – the Unbreakable Code – signed by her too .

Now that’s what I call a perfect end to a bookrazily inspiring day!

Veer Ojas Khanna


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