It turned out to be quite a meaningful and informative session with the author Golda Mowe at Pustaka Bookaroo in the City Kuching.

The bigger picture

The bigger picture

It was when Golda started sharing her traveller’s guides to stories with the pupils that we discovered how reading can be so much fun even though there were many unfamiliar words in the stories.

Golda stressed that contextual reading could help readers understand the story better. Pupils were asked to draw a picture of “packlebom” (a meaningless word). Frowning with concentration, everyone used their imagination to draw their own ‘packlebom’ according to their interpretation from reading the whole sentences.

Some drew aliens, others drew a house. Two of the pupils were called up to the stage for not drawing anything on their papers. It transpired that they couldn’t think of any objects depicting that word. This kind of activity helps children to think deeply deeper and form a bigger picture in their minds while reading.

By Venus Lim