Dino Mania in Cambridge Junior School, Noida!

IMG_2064 Two hundred and fifty children roared together and it seemed that the room was filled with dinosaurs. The team from Dorling Kindersley had put together a wonderful session of facts, film, and creativity using both modern technology and paper, pencil and modelling clay. Using the Dino Mania website, showing film excerpts, asking questions and rewarding clever answers, they created a quick fire Q&A session that had the children reaching for the ceiling, eager to show off their knowledge. Children know a lot about dinosaurs! IMG_2027 There is always something new to discover though, as the palaeontologists will tell us. Fossil bones can be put back together to recreate different dinosaurs, fossil eggs show dinosaur family life, discoveries of many bones together show that dinosaurs died together. Some children drew favourite dinosaurs, real and imagined, others modelled them and another group played on the iPads, building skeletons out of the different bones with a cool app. Finally, photos were taken with our friendly dinosaur above and an excited bunch of children headed reluctantly for their classrooms.

Wendy Knight

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