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‘Bookaroo in the City’ (BIC), the outreach programme of Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival usually happens every year, around the same time as the main festival. There has been an interesting change this time around. The event that schools, teachers and children look forward to will be a round-the-year affair now.

For those who watch advertisements on TV, it is almost like the “har mausam aam” except that BIC fresher, livelier and brings some more zing in the destinations that it visits. The magic of BIC never ceases to amaze me and happened again for me and the 35-40, six to eleven year-olds at The Blind Relief Association, Lodhi Road, Delhi today when Bhakti Mathur narrated stories out of her ‘Amma Tell Me’ series.


Rapt attention

It was the first time Bhakti was doing a story telling session for visually impaired children. She was looking forward to it as much as I was. While Bhakti was narrating the story, I saw a couple of heads moving here and there, I thought the children weren’t paying attention. But to my surprise, when Bhakti got to ask them questions, they were prompt with their answers.

At the end of the session, when asked if they would like to hear more stories in the future, the children’s exhilarated affirmative response brought a big smile on everyone’s face, including their teachers. In fact, even the workers working in the background had a big smile as they sipped on their mango drink.

Ajit Ahuja


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