Jacqueline Yu, aka DaYu Mama from IKA Picture Story House, started the session by teaching the children a song with actions. In no time at all the children had picked up both the movement and the song so that the room was filled with waggling fingers and happy voices.

DaYu Mama's day out

DaYu Mama’s day out

After this lively opening the children settled down to listen as DaYu Mama recounted an amusing tale about a very angry dinosaur who caused havoc by breathing fire from his mouth and nose. The children were in fits of laughter during the story but realised that being angry can hurt people.

Yitping Tay took up the baton at this point with a funny story about a rabbit befriending a leopard, much giggling from the audience as they listened to the colourful antics of these two animals.

The principal was particularly delighted to see how the children were not only totally absorbed during the storytelling but also very keen to answer questions at the end.  She is now waiting eagerly for more such sessions and, of course, Pustaka Bookaroo in April 2016.

 By Jo Williams and Yitping Tay