A group of 17 children and 10 adults assembled on the steps of the Old Court House in Kuching on Saturday morning  ready to travel back in time to unearth the hidden tales of Old Chinatown in Kuching guided by Joshua Chan Chin Hua.

Along the way everyone learnt a little about the White Rajah, the five foot way in front of shops and why there is a stone lion in front of the temples. The children were particularly fascinated watching the tinsmith at work.

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Joshua not only shared old stories with the children and their parents but he had also prepared a short activity for them. He asked the children to write a thank you letter to their parents. Almost all the children had never sent a real letter before, so when Joshua handed them the envelopes and stamps, they did not know where to write the address or put the stamp. This new experience was made even more special as they each posted their letters at the General Post Office, one of the beautiful old building from the days of the Rajah.

The walk ended at the theatre on the water front, where the children drew a picture of what had impressed them the most – almost all the pictures were of the tinsmith!

Now all the children and parents are eagerly looking forward to Pustaka Bookaroo in April next year.