Delhi monsoons can be very depressing. Humid days, traffic jams due to rains. But spending an afternoon with children always lifts up your mood. And if  there’s a writer telling you stories from childhood, it is an icing on the cake.
That is exactly what happened at the RAK Study Centre, Lady Irwin College. Vasundhara Bahuguna from Delhi Storytelling Network, the speaker for today’s session had two stories to tell a group of chirpy and enthusiastic kids between 7-13 years of age. The kids were eager to listen to the stories and throughout the session all of them and listened intently. Vasundhara narrated two stories which the kids themselves gave titles to. She made the session more interesting as she made funny voices, rhymed and involved kids in the story as well.
A magical afternoon

A magical afternoon


The first story was about an old folk tale about Cat and Mouse which she had appropriated with rhymes and Indian names and expressions and the other was also an old tale about a Fisherman and the Gold Fish.The stories were funny and magical (the second story had a fish that was magical).