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There is one thing about Champa. The children experience an instant connect whatever be the age. At SK Salak about 120 children between the ages of 5 and 10 listened in rapt attention as Champa rattled off the story of the fishermen.

There was excitement and, at the same time, they did not want to miss any part of the story because of exuberant behaviour. It was mesmerising. Not one of them looked bored for even a second.

“We loved the session so much, Aunty Champa,” they screamed in delight when Champa asked them how they felt. Champa, in turn, felt that the children were cute and that it was a fun session. The teachers said they were honoured to have an international speaker in their midst.


By Edison Rickett


Superhero! Who does not want to be one? And who, in his right mind, would not want to hear stories about superheroes.

Thus, the stage was set for Champa Saha as 50 children in the 10-12 age band geared themselves up for an exciting story about superheroes. Champa  did not disappoint them. There was nervousness, excitement and broad smiles – all at the same time – as the story progressed.

Superheroes need not be characters from story books. Real people too can be superheroes when they are brave and stand up for what they believe in, pointed out Champa. The children listened to how that could be possible.

It was a highly entertaining and interactive session. The teachers’ reactions summed it up: “To inspire others to give back to their communities is amazing,” they said. Champa felt that the session enabled the children to understand the world and themselves, to develop appreciation and interests, and to find solutions to their personal and group problems.

By Edison Rickett