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The second session at Triveni Art Gallery was all about the magic of animation. Fifty five children of DPS Greater Faridabad excitedly waited for the clock to strike 11.30 to begin their day with Kavita Singh Kale. Kavita, being a versatile illustrator, began the session by taking the children along a trip with their favourite cartoon characters. Eager hands went up in the air, as everyone jostled to talk about their favourite animated characters. “But do you know how a Doremon is created ?” was a question that left the kids a bit baffled . Kavita was set to unfold before them the lovely world of animation. She explained that all animated films began with the first step of drawing out the characters and it was a merely a series of such pictures that made an animated film or cartoon.  Kavita drew two stick figures, one with a happy face and another with a grumpy one. The children following her did the same and as they flipped the sheets really fast, there it was. “It’s moving” chirped a girl. The children had learnt the trick of animation. Set with their colourful papers, scissors and ideas the children were now eager to get their hands dirty in the amazing craft session. With a lot of clamour and excitement the children with Kavita’s help, made colourful paper puppets from a smiling girl to a rickety old man. Kavita asked them to all arrange their puppets in a line for all would be moving soon! It was time to make a short film with the puppets. Kavita photographed the puppets changing their movements after each shot. The she played the individual shots rapidly on the camera, and the puppets seemed to move and dance along. A generous round of cheering from the kids brought the session to an end.

DSC02319 Ritwika Misra